Outreach Programs

Feeding Center
Every morning, Monday to Friday a feeding program occurs in the parish. The cooks begin to prepare the food at 7am and the children arrive with their mothers to receive their food at 10:30 am. The program feeds between 40 and 60 children and mothers. The children are all fed first - a generous helping or rice, some soup/stew and a fish or meat ball. Next, all the mothers are given their food. The meal is a vital source of nutrition for the children and mothers who attend. 

Medical Clinic 
The medical clinic runs every morning Monday to Saturday. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Dr. Rafaela Isidro, a doctor specializing in family medicine comes and sees around 25 patients. Every Tuesday and Thursday a pediatrician doctor, Dr. Celerina Oclarence comes to the clinic and sees around 50 patients. Every Monday and Wednesday a dentist, Dr. Mae Lumaino also attends the clinic. There is also a general surgeon who attends, Dr. Ma. Lourdes Ortega. The clinic also has a pharmacy attached which dispenses cheap medicines which have been subsidized by the center. The clinic is a vital part of the community service the center offers as many of the children and people of Pasil are sick but cannot afford medical assistance.